Some of our references

Brems Doors not only supplies custom-made work... The Brems team works together with the customer, understands that each project is unique, and knows that each interior and each individual has different requirements.
You can also join with us to design and create your own door. Our in-house experts are ready to offer you advice and look at all the options.

Bestseller Offices in Arhus, Denmark

Custom made doors in beautiful dark oak veneer in contrast with glass walls and solid concrete.

The result of a beautiful coöperation with Loook, our partner in Denmark. For more of Loook visit

Panorama NV Offices in LeuvenDesign by Delta Vander Avort architecten

Custom made doors for the renovation of an old unique building in the city centre of Leuven. A minimalistic style in doors, made to fit in large existing wall openings, ensured that the building didn’t lose its authentic character, while bringing in as much natural light as possible. For more of Delta Vander Avort visit

Residential home in Herselt

The traditional Oak Authentic combined with pure materials such as the visible wooden construction and clay walls give this interior a warm and natural atmosphere.

Upstairs the same materials were combined with the minimal frame L01.55 for a slightly different feel.