Brems Doors wants to develop innovative door solutions. This means creating doors with different presences in a room’s interior, from the introverted to the exuberant. We do not simply seek out the spectacular, but aim to create relevant, subtle and sustainable solutions.

We want to create the best and most original doors. But above all, we want to provide a special service.

This is because we are fully aware that the right door must be both perfectly placed and also satisfy the actual requirements of our customers. We ensure this by instilling a collective awareness of this vision in each link in our network: from our suppliers, to our own team, up to and including our installers and customers.

'We don't want to sell doors, we want customers to buy our solutions...'

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With four generations of craftsmanship in our genes, we, the people behind Brems Doors, apply enthusiasm and dedication in finding the best solution for a temporary doorway in our customers’ interiors. We find solutions that enhance both the interior and the living environment.

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Brems originated from a clog factory, founded in early 1907 by Horace Brems.  The production of clogs was a craft and the clogs were manufactured exclusively by hand.  The company consisted of two employees who produced one pair of clogs every hour.  The clogs were made from the wood of poplar trees.

Business was booming, and in the fifties a new sawmill for poplar wood was built.  The company boomed as a wood trader, and with the take-over of a door factory in Alken the company entered the door market for the first time.  Back then they mainly focused on traditional and solid oak doors.

Today, Brems Doors produces modern and traditional doors, as well as glass and sliding doors.  All doors can be customized according to the preferences of the architect or customer. In 2004 Brems introduced a brand new door solution, “The L-series”, and showcased it at the Interieur Kortrijk fair.  These were doors with invisible hinges, invisible locking plate and a magnetic lock. Other innovations have since also been introduced at this two-yearly design event. Brems also won the ‘Red dot design award’ in the category ‘Best of the best’ with their ‘Secret slide’. This was a reward for the passionate search for innovative door solutions.

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Cras Woodgroup

Brems has been part of Cras Woodgroup since 2010. This family business with roots in Waregem has existed for more than 130 years and has 12 of its own woodshops (Cras Woodshops) spread across the country. The group also has its own import company (Somex) and its own production sites for parquet floor (Dubois-parquet), garden furnishings (Collstrop), interior doors (Brems Doors), garden houses (décor et jardin) and façade cladding (Wood on Walls).

After the take-over the former wood trading activities of Brems were accommodated in the network under the name Cras Woodshops. At the Cras Woodshop in Halle you can find a wide range of wood products for in and around the home: building timber, sheet material, parquet floor, laminate, ceilings, interior doors, insulation, façade cladding, carports, gates, garden fences, garden furnishings and terrace planking.

You are welcome to visit our showroom or our collection warehouse to obtain advice and stock up on our products!

You can find out more about Cras at www.cras.be.

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